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Personalized Baby Burp Cloths - Retro Milk Bottle Cap Design

Our premium personalized baby burp cloths arrive in sets of three, (one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…) Super-tough and absorbent diaper material mops up all manner of mess, and our vintage milk bottle cap designs make the task a touch more attractive.

Before DVDs, the original doorstep delivery service needed no queue updating. Jangling up the walk at dawn, the milkman delivered the day’s dairy topped with charming bottle caps.

Some things are certain: cinnamon rolls at the mall always smell good, puppies make people talk in funny voices, and what goes down, must come up.

Hey, spit happens.

$49.00 $59.00

One of a kind design

Please fill in as many of the following details as you can. The more info our artists have to work with, the more unique and special your gift will be.

Active ingredients:

  • 100% Cotton
  • 4/6/4 diaper-service quality
  • 12”x18”
  • One cloth in each design
  • Free signature gift packaging

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