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About Retrofit Baby

We love the classics with a twist - great vintage design fused with modern functionality, and a plop of individuality. So, in 2003, when we found out we were about to become “aunt-and-uncled” we shopped high and low for a baby gift that was all that, and perfect for a new baby. Stymied by cookie-cutter baby-gear-blahs, we set about making our own gift. We were so tickled with the results, we wanted to share our creation: Retrofit Baby - born out of necessity and nurtured with love from our studio in Kansas City, MO.

As the premier clothiers of lots and lots of babies, we are very conscious that what we do today, will directly impact the world our Retrofit babies are going to inherit. And though we love retro design, that love stops at retro packaging. Yes, it’s fun to get a big box in the mail—but it’s less fun to ditch all the Styrofoam doodads that come with. So, simply put, we choose not to use them. We’re committed to sustainable, minimalist packaging because it’s the right thing to do. Oh, and because let’s face it--burp cloths aren’t that fragile.

Our mission is simple: Create high-quality baby gifts inspired by classic designs even an adult will love.

We hope your baby loves our baby as much as we do!

Rachel, Josh and the rest of Team RFB