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Personalized Baby Onesies - Retro Ice Cream Design

Our trio of personalized baby onesies arrive on the doorstep in a triple set: one small, one medium, and one large. That way, when baby’s outgrown one flavor, the graduated sizes keep your Retrofit Baby deliciously cute.

Pavlov's pooch was no puppet. The tinkling bell probably just reminded him of summer's most requested song: the ice cream man jingle. No wrinkle cream in the world erases years faster than the appearance of the little white truck and its precious cargo of goodies. We took the sweet pastel pastiche of vintage ice cream logos to inspire our Ice Cream design.

No vegetable eating required.

$75.00 $89.00

One of a kind design

Please fill in as many of the following details as you can. The more info our artists have to work with, the more unique and special your gift will be.

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